Gala for the Grands Prix du tourisme

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The 2012 Regional Gala for the Grands Prix du tourisme for the region of Duplessis was held on March 31. The SADC Côte-Nord, which sponsored the evening’s programming, would like to congratulate all the winners announced during this wonderful event. The SADC Côte-Nord would in particular like to congratulate the Marché MelLau, the winner of the members’ Coup de cœur: New business of the year. Congratulations to Mélanie and Laurence for their excellent work! The SADC also applauds the Gourmet Trail, la nature aux mille délices, for its prize in the category of tourist attraction with less than 25 000 visitors. With help from its sponsor, the SADC Côte-Nord, for the last four years, the Gourmet Trail has set itself apart by its exuberant and dynamic marketing efforts. Congratulations!