You haven’t had access to the government loan through your institution?

Your business identifies to the following points:
  •  Retail stores, local services, professional and health services (e.g. restaurant, bakery, convenience store, hair salon, funeral home, cleaner, car dealer, big box store, accounting or legal services, dentist, real estate services)
  •  Agriculture (picking and harvesting) and fisheries
  • Social economy businesses (all sectors)
  • Craft production and local product businesses
  • Autonomous workers and sole proprietorships (all sectors)
  • Tourism businesses that require a funding of $40,000 and less
  • Businesses with sales of less than $250,000 in the manufacturing and value-added services sectors
  •  Start-up businesses (other than manufacturing and value-added services)
If your business matches within the above points, the Government of Canada has set up the Regional Relief and Recovery Fund (RRRF).

$5,000 to

Interest payment holiday for the first 24 months
5 years payment term
25% is non-refundable if paid in full before December 31st, 2022



The RRRF application form allows us to know more about your company and its needs in order to collect relevant information for the analysis of your request.


The personal balance sheet is a form that allows us to know more about your assets and liabilities to analyze your borrowing and repayment capacities.


The consent form for the disclosure of personal information is a certificate that gives us permission to collect your personal and business information, but also to exchange information confidentially between financial partners to carry out the overall assessment of your request.

You have completed the three steps?

Send us your documents at:

If you have any questions regarding of the documents required for your request, contact us at the above address or by phone at 418 962-7233 extension 101