National Entrepreneurship Day

On Thursday, November 15, the SADC Côte-Nord, the Carrefour Jeunesse-Emploi Duplessis (CJED) and the Centre Local de Développement de la MRC de Sept-Rivières (CLD) raised their glasses to celebrate National Entrepreneurship Day. The three Québec organizations decided to highlight National Entrepreneurship Day with a cocktail reception. Almost 70 entrepreneurs and socioeconomic stakeholders attended, about 20 more than anticipated. During the reception, four entrepreneurs shared their journey. Gino Lévesque and Fanny Lévesque of the Journal le Nord-Côtier spoke about the family business and business ownership transfer. Kathy Roy, owner of the boutique Au Petit Chaperon Rouge and Jean-Marie Potvin of Groupe Franmon also shared their experiences. Both organizers and participants were very satisfied with the evening and this event may well be repeated next year. The CJED, the CLD and the SADC would like to congratulate the entrepreneurs of Québec who have succeeded in making their dreams come true!