The SADC Côte-Nord has a new look

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On March 14, 2012, to highlight the next five-year activity cycle, the Société d’aide au développement des collectivités (SADC) Côte-Nord unveiled its new look to the public. Sporting a new modern edge, this logo speaks volumes of the organization’s energy and solid performance. Continued… New logo, new website, QR codes, presence on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter… The SADC Côte-Nord has developed these tools and more to assert its desire to evolve and keep pace with the community’s changing landscape. Designed by the firm lg2 for the Réseau des SADC et CAE, this new image represents the strengths of the organization: its expertise, its rootedness and its commitment. The SADC is made up of a passionate team that is brimming with know-how and always ready to listen to communities and help them bring their projects to life. Led by Executive Director Soraya Zarate, the SADC promotes its vision for the future, which is shaped by a discerning, responsible and innovative strategy that is adapted to the needs of the community. This new image is easily recognizable and will provide for a better delivery of the SADC’s services throughout the North Shore. The new visual identity, which is an offshoot of the provincial image, will act as a beacon for the SADC Côte-Nord as it repositions itself with respect to future actions. The renewed agreements between Québec’s SADCs and CAEs and Canada Economic Development, evaluated at close to $154 million over five years, and the new partnership with the Business Development Bank of Canada regarding funding for small businesses in rural areas confirms that the SADCs play an active role in Québec’s economic development. This modernized look also points to the organization’s continued involvement in its community and confirms its role as figurehead for the North Shore’s socioeconomic development.