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Anticosti-Minganie-Côte-Nord-Québec enr. Renauld Parisée’s business, Anticosti-Minganie-Côte-Nord-Québec, offers cruise excursions in the western sector of Minganie. This tourism business made its debut at the beginning of the summer, offering excursions of varying durations: Westward bound from the St. Jean River to the Manitou River; excursions around the Mingan Archipelago; excursion or overnight packages to Anticosti Island; and chartered duck hunting trips with an experienced guide. SIS Électrotech inc. Last June, Bernard Côté and Louis St-Amand started this electrotechnical services company. SIS Électrotech places at the population’s disposal its expertise and offers electrotechnical, automation and analysis services as well as troubleshooting for low and medium voltage electrical problems. Industries, municipalities and companies who want to modernize or maintain their high-tech equipment and installations can now turn to this specialized local business.