The SADC actively participates in the development of communities. It initiates, organizes and supports activities and projects that will help communities meet their individual and collective socio-economic needs, now and in the future. The SADC advocates local development through this action :

  • Launch projects that help communities develop in terms of tourism, culture, health, community services, education, etc.;
  • Sit on various committees, round tables and boards of directors to allow the SADC to share its expertise;
  • Foster an interest in entrepreneurship, especially among young people, using promotional and information campaigns;
  • Get involved with and take part in development projects initiated by other community service organizations;
  • Hold training sessions, conferences and seminars to broadly publicize our expertise to entrepreneurs and project promoters;
  • Establish business development support measures, such as mentoring.

Non-refundable contribution


Financial assistance offered to support the provision of awareness, facilitation, networking, consulting and coaching services to encourage sustainable economic development in the communities.

Eligibility criteria, terms and conditions :

The projects submitted must take place in the region covered by the SADC Côte-Nord, that is, between Rivière-Pentecôte and Blanc-Sablon, including Anticosti Island and Schefferville.

All projects submitted must be directly associated with economic development and must be involved in one of the following priority niches for development:

  • Entrepreneurship (awareness-building, promotional efforts, development);
  • Interregional tourism;
  • The biofood industry;
  • The fisheries industry;
  • The development of Anglophone and Aboriginal communities.


 Only one (1) type of requests will be accepted, namely, requests for non-refundable contributions :

  • Non-refundable contribution :

    The SADC Côte-Nord cannot make the payment directly to the project promoter. The applicant organization must submit an invoice addressed directly to the SADC Côte-Nord either for professional fees or from a supplier in the amount entered in the letter of offer. Please note that a tender from the said supplier is needed to complete the Contribution Request Form.

The SADC Côte-Nord will favour projects having obtained financial support from other community or industry partners.

Each organization receiving local development funds will be held to completing a follow-up form provided by the SADC Côte-Nord at the end of each event.

Owing to the financial constraints of this assistance program, the SADC Côte-Nord reserves the right to refuse any request for funding, including requests that meet the above-mentioned eligibility criteria.

For more information on the local development program :

Karianne Jenniss | Financial Services Agent
418 962-7233 extension 103 | 1-877 962-7233