The activities of the SADC Côte-Nord are overseen by a board of 10 elected and appointed administrators. These volunteers from the Sept-Rivières, Minganie, Golfe-du-St-Laurent and Caniapiscau RMCs are all committed to local socio-economic development. The Board of Directors meets six times a year. These are the members of the SADC Côte-Nord Board of Directors:

  • Nader Ghabi President  (Professionnal Expertise);
  • Paul Bouffard  Vice-President  (SMEs Expertise);
  • Raymond Chénard Vice-President  (Economic Development Expertise);
  • Mario D’Amours Secretary  (Transfer Expertise);
  • Denis Miousse  Treasurer (Development Expertise);
  • Marie Corbey   (Business Development Expertise);
  • Marc Pelletier  (Service Expertise);
  • Patrice Tremblay   (Management Expertise);
  • Émilie Laverdière  (Socio-Economic Environment Expertise);
  • VACANT SEAT   (Collective Development Expertise).

Positions available

Positions still remain to be filled on the Boards of Director. For more information on how to become a member of the Board, please contact Annick Thibouthot, Acting Executive Director, at 418 962-7233 extension 101 | 1-877 962-7233 or by email at