Business projects

À Tout Fête et CéramiCafé Marie-Claude Richard benefited from a loan from the SADC Investment Fund for her start-up business on Boulevard Laure in Sept-Îles. À Tout Fête et CéramiCafé, a unique business in the region, offers rooms for hire (special group rates) for children’s parties and baby showers, a play area, childcare service, teddy-making and ceramics workshops. Cake tins are available for hire and party accessories and cake fondants may be purchased from À Tout Fête et CéramiCafé. Hotel/Motel Blanc-Sablon Benny Dumas purchased this family business with the help of a loan from the SADC Investment Fund. He and his wife, Nadia Wellman, now manage the 19-room hotel/motel Blanc-Sablon in Lourdes-de-Blanc-Sablon. The Blanc-Sablon complex is equipped with on-site breakfast and snack services and a souvenir shop. Guests may also book local tours to discover the area. Numérik Solution d’affaires Éric Allard, owner of Numérik Solutions d’affaires in Sept-Îles, and his business partner, André Thibault, acquired the inventory of their competitor, Centre Bureautique Canon, and thus became a Canon distributor. As a result of this acquisition, they expanded their facilities to make room for their new line of products. Numérik Solutions d’affaires sells and rents office furniture and equipment (printers, stampers, shredders, etc.) and provides technical and repair services for rental equipment.