Lower North Shore Entrepreneurial Gala

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On September 20, Blanc-Sablon was the playing ground for the very first gala for entrepreneurial recognition on the Golfe-du-St-Laurent RCM, which celebrated the theme “Dare to be extraordinary: Encourage your local businesses.” The purpose of this event was to bring together all the entrepreneurs on the Lower North Shore so they could share their experiences and discuss the challenges of doing business in the region. The jury was composed of several socioeconomic stakeholders from the region, including the SADC, and presented seven awards throughout the night. The winners were as follows: “Business With Less Than 10 Employees” − Aqua Labadie; “Business With More Than 10 Employees” − GIDC Mécatina; “New Business” − Roxanne Lavallée Photography; “Social Economy Business” − Senior Citizens Club of Chevery; “Young Entrepreneur” − Jamie Ransom, The Razor’s Edge; “Woman Entrepreneur” − Ruth Kippen, Auberge Brion; and “Cooperative” − Coopérative d’aide à domicile de la Basse-Côte-Nord. Congratulations to all award recipients! The event may have taken place in Blanc-Sablon, but people from several municipalities on the Lower North Shore were able to assist via videoconference. In the wake of the success of this first event, the gala organizers are keen to repeat the experience. Although nothing has been confirmed as of yet, it is very likely that a second edition will be held within two years’ time.