The SADC Côte-Nord celebrates its 25th anniversary

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In 2013, the Société d’aide au développement de la collectivité (SADC) Côte-Nord celebrates its 25th anniversary. To highlight the occasion, the SADC organized the most festive of events to shine the spotlight on its involvement in the community. On Wednesday, June 19, about 75 people joined the SADC Côte-Nord to celebrate this milestone. During this event, partners, clients and friends all gathered at the Sept-Îles convention centre to recognize the organization’s commitment to the region. The SADC Côte-Nord also took this opportunity to thank all the volunteers and personnel with whom it joined forces over the years. Since 1988, the SADC Côte-Nord has funded nearly 500 business projects, representing an investment of $12.7 million, thus playing a role in the creation or maintenance of nearly 600 jobs in the region Looking back on 2012-2013 Every year, the SADC is proud to support project promoters on its territory. During the 2012-2013 year, the SADC Côte-Nord provided funding to 11 business projects, for a total investment of $805 000, generating close to $3.3 million in investments. These investments in turn contributed to the creation and maintenance of more than 50 jobs in our region. The SADC Côte-Nord also draws on its Local Development Fund to lend its assistance to regional organizations, namely by offering non-refundable contributions to promoters for projects that play a structuring role in the community. During the 2012-2013 year, the SADC provided financial support to 20 projects, for a total of $40 000. Moreover, the SADC contributed to several projects in the biofood industry, the socio-economic development of Anglophone-speaking communities and entrepreneurship awareness, which constitute some of the organization’s priority niches for development.