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The 2019-2020 results of the SADC Côte-Nord were unveiled at the Virtual Annual General Meeting last Thursday. These achievements confirm that the implication of the organization is essential for the North Shore territory, as mentioned by the president, Nader Ghabi::

«The results speak for themselves: the impressive number of projects we have completed and are preparing to roll out demonstrate how the SADC has become a staple in community economic development.. »

We have financed a total of 40 projects, 10 more than the initial goal, for a total investment of $2 052 593. Twelve business start-ups, 15 expansion projects and 6 entrepreneurs have benefitted from the Youth Strategic Program. For the community development sector, $90 873 in non-refundable contributions were attributed to 29 important projects. And finally, the Synergie 138 results on our territory show that 48 businesses were consulted, leading to the creation of 3 networks.


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Photo - Les crevettes de Sept-Îles, les Croisières du capitaine et Poissonnerie Soucy


La Poissonnerie Soucy and Les Terrasses du Capitaine serve up North Shore seafood by offering daily fresh catches of seafood and fish at the fish store, and, at the restaurant, concoct savory dishes in an enchanting setting facing the fishermen’s wharf.

« « The SADC has supported us since the beginning. Not only do they work with us on our projects, but the SADC team challenges us and pushes us further to help us to develop the business community in our beautiful area in our own way. » »