Results 2020-2021

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The 2020-2021 results of the SADC Côte-Nord were unveiled at the Virtual Annual General Meeting last Thursday. These achievements confirm that the implication of the organization is essential for the North Shore territory, as mentioned by the president, Nader Ghabi:

«The year 2020 started off strongly for the SADC Côte-Nord, then the whole planet was struck by the COVID-19 pandemic. Ever since, our team and SME’s have been impacted by the ensuing health measures. The SADC Côte-Nord has worked relentlessly to inform and support its businesses during this crisis.0 »

More than $ 4 million invested by the SADC Côte-Nord, in 123 projects that made the difference in the community this year, but also the distribution of $ 396,312 in non-repayable contributions, to structuring projects and with businesses in the territory so that they can deal with the Covid-19 crisis. All of this will have enabled the creation and consolidation of 262 jobs in the region.






Le Comptoir Sushi à la maison is a take-out service that offers quality products and unparalleled customer experience. These original dishes are as appealing to the eyes as they are savory. The menu is mouth-watering: dreamy tartares, gourmet Poke Bowls, delightful appetizers and crazy Maki!

«Thanks to the SADC, my dream of becoming an entrepreneur has come true. They have helped me reach my goals with confidence and reassurance. Thanks
to this collaboration, I have been able to participate to the development of my city.»

– Maude St-Pierre Boudreau, Owner of Comptoir Sushi à la maison / Sept-Îles